GenData for Australian Genealogy

Free Ancestry information for Australian family history research

GenData is a free resource for anyone searching for Australian ancestors.  Transcribed from various historical sources, our datasets are an invaluable tool for anyone tracing their genealogy through the Australian colonial period. You can search our datasets by last name or first name to discover people and places for free. 

Stay updated, find out more

 We are continually adding new data and tools so check back regularly.

 Datasets are updated regularly as new information is transcribed.

Always more for you

 Tools for family history are added as they are found and as our users make suggestions. 

 Some of our datasets and tools are unique to GenData, and best of all they're free! 

Databases available to search

Pedigree sheets

Pedigree sheets you can print for recording your family history research.

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Family tree printouts

Family tree charts you can print for framing and scrapbooking. Various designs and sizes.

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